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MES. Software products for process optimization and overall production efficiency increasing

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are specialized software components and complexes that are designed to provide solutions for such tasks as production efficiency analysis, operational planning and management of production and optimization. MES for process industries is an essential step towards the comprehensive digitalization of industrial production.
The main objectives of implementing MES solutions:
  • Comprehensive optimization of production processes and costs;
  • Increasing production volumes and ensuring consistently high quality of products;
  • Reduction of "time to market". The concept of "Time to market" means how quickly a company producing a particular product reacts to market and consumer demands.
  • Increasing the efficiency of production processes.
Often manufacturers are concerned about the extra costs and complexities associated with the introduction of MES systems, because they do not have the necessary resources: time and trained personnel. We offer our customers MES solutions that are already integrated into control systems or have ready interfaces to them.
MES solutions help our customers to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce their costs because:
Reliable and up-to-date data on the production process;
Real-time monitoring;
End-to-end product quality control at all stages of production;
Flexibility in production planning;
Reduce downtime.