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Milk processing

Our company has extensive experience in the automation of milk processes. The company's specialists have not only knowledge of programming systems, but also know the technology of milk processing, which is the key to producing a high-quality, safe product.

Our company has a wide range of successfully implemented projects across practically the entire spectrum of milk processing technologies and finished production:
  • Milk reception (implementation of automation of commercial milk reception lines)
  • Primary milk processing (pasteurization, cleaning, separation, normalization, deaeration)
  • Preparation of milk mixtures (directing dry components, buttermilk, dosing in fruit filling fillers in the stream)
  • Secondary processing of milk (pasteurization, homogenization)
  • Preparation of dairy products (kefir, sour cream, fermented baked milk, yogurt, etc.)
  • Preparation of industrial "live" starter cultures
  • Sterilization of milk (sterilization, ultra-pasteurization)
  • Curd production (preparation and packaging of traditional curd, separation and thermization of soft curd)
  • Whey processing (cleaning, thermization, pasteurization)
  • CIP
The main part of the projects was carried out by us on the modern highly efficient SCADA ProleiT Plant iT system , which has a large set of specialized libraries, which are constantly updated, which makes it possible to replace programming with parameterization.

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