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CIP-Expert. Software module for monitoring and analysis of CIP cleaning of equipment

Almost every food production facility uses CIP-station (Clean-in-place) to clean the internal surfaces of technological equipment without disassembling the closed system. Quality and efficiency of CIP-processes directly influence product quality and overall production efficiency. CIP-Expert software module is a convenient tool for quality control of washing processes and their efficiency management. CIP-Expert collects and registers actual parameters of performed cleanings of technological equipment and displays them in formats convenient for further analysis — in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams and reports.

CIP-Expert's skills and capabilities

Monitors all CIP processes in all circuits/stations/plants;

Records the monitoring data in the electronic cleaning log;

Automatically generates a report for the selected period / phase / step / washing incidents;

Validates the quality / efficiency of cleaning by deviations of actual parameters from the passport values / settings from the PCS / reference cleaning: OK or NOT OK;

Displays CIP processes in the form of Dynamic Graphics, which allows the operator to immediately detect problems: losses, downtime, over consumption of water and solutions, equipment failure, incorrect recipes, etc;

Generates problem sheets for in-depth investigation of incidents occurring in the cleaning processes and uses the 5 Why algorithm for Careful Production;

Performs centralized data collection from several production sites and enterprises of the holding and transfers the data to the ERP;

In integration with the CheckLists module, it performs microbiological condition monitoring and monitoring of the operating status of process equipment;

It provides analytical data display, including calculation of KPi and economic efficiency of cleaning facilities.

What tasks are solved by CIP-Expert in food production?

Saving and reducing losses of water, solutions, concentrates, energy, time;
Guaranteed cleanliness of equipment is a guarantee of product quality;
Paperless process management, including incident handling;
Control of operator actions — minimum errors and unplanned interventions;
Overall: Improved quality and efficiency of CIP processes.
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