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Syfora. Automated process control system

The process control system ensures a high level of automation and control in high-tech processing plants. Syfora controls and manages all production processes, from acquisition and recording of production data, through continuous process control, Batch-process control to operational plant management (MES level systems), integration with ERP systems, laboratory systems and technical control systems.

Syfora, in difference to standard SCADA, has a modular structure, consisting of a basic system and additional modules and superstructures.

All parts of the system are located in a unified central engineering environment with a common data set and a common parameterization area. All modules and add-ons can be optionally combined with the basic system so that a unique Syfora system can be implemented depending on industry and process requirements and can be scaled, extended and overbuilt if necessary.
Syfora makes it possible to replace individual programming by parameterization of individual technical and technological functions, which in turn makes it possible to make changes to the control system of a running plant as flexibly as possible, i.e. without stopping production. This gives a significant time saving during modernization of production.

The design of the enterprise process control system on Syfora is based on the standard methodologies. The high degree of standardization, such as pre-assigned automation classes, makes the system as open, transparent and available for further expansion and upgrading as possible, and thus attractive for investment.

Main advantages of the Syfora control system:

Object-oriented, open controller-based control system
Intuitive operator environment designed to meet all the latest usability standards
Extensive standard vector graphics library for process representation
Extensive library of automation classes
WEB based reporting system
Multiple archiving functions
Support for redundancy
Based on standard software
Integrated system configuration tools

Main functionalities:

  • Data collection and registration;
  • Data archiving;
  • Data analysis;
  • Reporting. Integrated reports;
  • Analysis of weaknesses;
  • Process efficiency analysis;
  • Material identification and order-based management;
  • Centralized user management;
  • Central operator environment;
  • Centralized design environment for basic system and modules;
  • Centralized interface for management visualization;
  • Integrated interfaces for all MES modules;
  • Parameterized process control based on step sequences;
  • Recipe management;
  • Automatic path management (routing) as well as special functions for tank line management;
  • Production job management;
  • Additional standard reports for procedures, master recipes and batch protocols;
  • Notification system;
  • Process recording system;
  • Visualization. Easy creation of process pictures, vector graphics.